Wool Pellet FAQs

Are the pellets really just made with wool?

Yes! Wool and whatever the sheep had in their wool! Hay, Straw, manure and plant material. We don't add anything to the wool except a bit of water depending on the breed of sheep the wool came from.

Where does all the wool come from?

We get to work directly with wonderful sheep producers in the Okanagan. We also use wool from our own sheep!

A lot of our wool comes from meat producers who have sheep that don't grow desirable wool for the wool market. The wool we receive tends to be coarser and therefore not worth much even if the farmers could sell it.

Sheep need to be shorn once a year minimum to keep them healthy and unfortunately it usually ends up in a burn pile or the landfill. So far we have diverted over 9000lbs!

The farmers we work with are happy that their wool is being used and not wasted!

Why are you only selling in Canada?

Our pellets are made from dirty, raw wool. While it is heated in the pelleting process we can't ship it across the border without jumping through some major hoops! We are a small family run mill and right now we are focusing on building our business locally, and spreading the word about the benefits of the pellets! If you are looking for pellets in the US or in a different Canadian province shoot us an email and we would be happy to point you in the direction of another wool pelleting friend!

If the wool had seeds in it will I be putting that in my soil?

You are right, sometimes sheep get seeds in their wool. We pull out anything we can find before it goes in the shredder. If something happens to slip past us the pellets get REALLY hot when they are pressed through the mill. This heat kills those seeds so your soil only gets the good stuff!

By sheep pellets, do you mean sheep poop?

Nope! There is poop (manure) in the pellets because we use the wool from around the rump. but these pellets are pressed through a mill head (kinda like a garlic press.) Our wool is shredded prior to pelleting allowing us to get the manure and other organic material mixed in with the cleaner wool!

Don't forget to wash your hands after you handle them!