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Waste Not Wool 1kg Pellet Bag

Waste Not Wool 1kg Pellet Bag

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Our 1 kg bag is great for multiple hanging baskets and containers! It can also cover approximately 20sq feet of garden.





Wool, organic matter and manure. Pure and Simple.

How to use

You can apply Waste Not Wool pellets in multiple ways:

-Simply add 1 1/2 cups to the soil of small planters and hanging baskets when mixing your soil.

-You can sprinkle it on top of soil with established plants, either leave on top like a mulch or simply poke them in to the top couple of inches.

-If you are planting seedlings you can add a sprinkle directly to the holes before covering with soil.

-Using Waste Not Wool pellets as a mulch will also help repel weeds!


All Pellets ship in Canada Post Prepaid boxes ensuring customers across Canada get the best shipping rates.

Return policy

Due to the nature of our products we do not offer returns, please contact us if you have any questions.

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