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Wool Pellets (Soil Amendment)

Wool Pellets (Soil Amendment)

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Our chemical-free Wool pellets are made with non-utilized wool from sheep farmers across the Okanagan region of BC (including wool from our very own sheep!)

Our Wool pellets are made with 100% wool:

  •  all natural soil amendment
  • renewable and sustainable
  • eco-friendly soil aeration

How Wool Pellet Soil Amendment Works

Add the wool pellets to your soil for water retention. Wool naturally holds 25-30% of its weight in moisture. When pellets contract and expand with water they create aeration for your roots to grow!

Waste Not Wool pellets last an entire growing season. They are a slow-release fertilizer that gradually release nutrients to the plants as they break down and become part of your soil’s organic material.

Wool is full of natural nutrients, including Nitrogen, Potassium (our pellets tested at a 9-0-3 NPK)

How to Measure Wool Pellet Soil Amendment

Ideally you should use about 3% pellets to soil volume:

A 6-8in pot requires 1/8th of a cup

A standard hanging basket needs 1-½ cups

A 2kg bag will cover approximately a 40 sq/ft garden space (ex. Two 4x5’ garden boxes)


Wool, organic matter and manure. Pure and Simple.

How to use

You can apply Waste Not Wool pellets in multiple ways:

-You can sprinkle it on top of soil with established plants, either leave on top like a mulch or simply poke them in to the top couple of inches.

-If you are planting seedlings you can add a sprinkle directly to the holes before covering with soil.

-Use Waste Not Wool pellets on top of the soil in your hanging baskets and water through the pellets to create a barrier between your soil and the sun.


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Return policy

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